Medo Air Pump

Medo Air Pumps feature a unique, piston-drive design, which allows them to provide far superior performance compared to diaphragm aerators in outdoor fish ponds and aquatic applications.

Manufactured by Medo USA, the Medo line of quality aeration pumps is widely regarded as the best choice for use in Koi ponds, water gardens, as well as a wide variety of septic tank applications.  Offering outstanding energy savings compared to linear diaphragm air pumps thanks to their patented piston motor design, Medo Aerators are the professional’s choice.  These units perform especially well for deeper ponds, where traditional diaphragm air pumps are simply not an option.  Covered by a one year warranty, Medo aeration pumps will commonly provide up to 6 years of consistent, reliable use before service is required.  This level of convenience cannot be matched by any competitor offering.

Medo LA45B, the most popular Medo model, is ideal for Koi ponds and aquatic gardens up 5,000 gallons.  Offering whisper quiet operation and unrivaled energy efficiency, these durable pond aerators are truly the workhorse of the industry.  These units are also widely used in aquaculture, fish farms as well extensive use in the septic tank industry.  The unique, piston drive motors provide outstanding performance for applications where significant resistance exists.  These multi-purpose aeration pumps are truly in a class of their own when it comes to performance, energy savings, and quality workmanship.  Since no diaphragms are used in Medo Air Pumps, this means there will never be a need to purchase replacement diaphragms – resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

Medo Aeration Pumps connect easily to flexible air tubing and can be used with a wide variety of air diffusers. While designed for outdoor use, these aerators are not intended to operate submerged and cannot be placed underwater.  While not required, some protection from the elements is generally recommended to maximize performance and total useful life.  Medo service kits are also available, which can be used to help restore your air pump to top form after 5 – 6 years of use should you experience any performance declines.  When you compare the amount of air flow produced and the actual wattage of electricity used, the value of these units is undeniable. 

As the leading nationwide source for quality pond and water garden supplies, we pride ourselves on offering truly unbeatable prices on the complete line of Medo Aerator Pumps.  Buy with confidence thanks to our guaranteed best pricing, free ground shipping, and industry-leading customer service.  If you would like expert assistance choosing the best air pump for your specific needs, please contact us.  Our experienced team of pond experts is standing by and can answer any technical questions you may have.  You are also welcome to use the convenient live chat feature via our website.  Save on Medo Air Pumps today and every day at

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